Hatsubasho 2017, Day 1: Back to Goeido 1.0?

Kakuryu’s poster-worthy destruction of Goeido 2.0 must have resulted a critical error in the OS. The 1.0 backup (kadoban-ready) version has appeared in Tokyo, unsteady and unsure, even at the tachi-ai. Mitakeumi dominated the faux-zeki during their match, forced him to the bales early where he eventually got the push out victory.goeido.png

Otherwise, much was as expected; Hakuho quickly dispatched Shodai. Harumafuji’s mini-henka picked up the quick win. Kakuryu toppled the hard-charging Tochinoshin. The highlight of the action, though, had to be Yoshikaze’s body slam of Chiyoshouma. Oosunaarashi’s deft maneuvering on the straw bales comes in a close second on my scorecard.

Kaisei was a bit too much for Chiyonokuni. It was very encouraging to see Kaisei withstand this battle and not get discouraged. He stuck with it, kept the pressure on, and got the win.


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