Terunofuji Defeats Hakuho


Clearing Kadoban Status In Style

Terunofuji has been playing hurt since the start of Kyushu, and many sumo fans watch daily as his left knee turns progressively more gruesome colors. But somehow the big Ozeki manages to stay fighting, and he continues to win.

Today, he surprised Yokozuna Hakuho in a match that was quite similar to day 11’s win for Kisenosato. Hakuho chose a move and strike strategy, and Terunofuji wanted to wrap up Hakuho and turn it into a contest of strength and mass. Terunofuji is truly enormous, and prior to his injury, some rikishi were actually worried about facing him on the dohyo.

With his win over Hakuho, Terunofuji gets his kochi-koshi, and clears his kadoban status. Tachiai congratulates a true warrior in persevering, and emerging victorious.


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