Kisneosato Defeats Harumafujji


Ozeki Triumphs Over All Three Yokozuna

In a quick and stunning match, the big Ozeki completely overwhelmed Harumafuji, taking him straight to the edge and out. This is a massive win for Kisenosato, and for the yusho race at Kyushu.

After the disheartening collapse of Kisneosato’s yokozuna bid during the fall tournament, most sumo fans had few expectations for him at Kyushu. But Kisenosato is not one to seek attention, or to grandstand. His approach is quiet and powerful. With the pressure of all the media attention, and the hopes of a nation shifted to Goeido, Kisenosato returned to what he loves; good, solid Ozeki sumo.

Fun fact about today’s match. Up until today – these two had been tied for the most wins for 2016, with his victory over Harumafuji, Kisneosato has claimed, at least temporarily, that lead.

Between his performance at Kyushu, and Goeido’s (if you discount his manufactured loss to Okinoumi), this has to be giving the Yokozuna Deliberation Committee quite a bit to discuss following the tournament.

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