Goeido’s Yokozuna Bid Destroyed By Terrible Call


The big news of Day 8 is that Goeido’s push to win the basho, and through that achieve promotion to Yokozuna is effectively over. Moreover, it’s over because of a reversal of the gyoji’s call by the shimpan (judges) in what has to be one of the worst calls in sumo history. It’s one thing to lose a pivotal match based on poor sumo, it’s another to have a setback delivered by a questionable call. In cases like these, the shimpan should simply call for a torinaoshi – a rematch. It happened several times during Aki, and it’s not that uncommon.

In another “robbed by the shimapn” moment, Tochinoshin saw what looked like a clear victory, but Shodai won after a monoii declared a rematch. This one was (in my opinion) not even close enough to warrant a torinaoshi.

The rest of the results and commentary a little later today.

2 thoughts on “Goeido’s Yokozuna Bid Destroyed By Terrible Call

  1. Terrible call. The replay even showed Goeido’s foot was in fair territory. Not sure how this call doesn’t ruin the rest of the tournament for him. Morale crusher.

    • Yes, this call is going to cast a long shadow for months to come. Goeido has been in poor form this tournament, but now there is an external action (the bad decision) that will take blame too.

      The fans in Japan are by all accounts outraged that the outcome was a loss rather than a rematch.


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