Sumo Kyokai Executive Officers

The Sumo Kyokai is in charge of professional sumo so it’s probably a good idea to understand more about the organization and the people. While there are some members who were not wrestlers, the executive officers were all successful in the top division. With Kitanoumi’s death a year ago this month and Chiyonofuji’s death over the summer, there’s been quite a bit of change…which we kind of get to ignore. The other day the Kyokai listed the whole group on the website. In Japanese. It’s taking me a while to get through the whole bunch so I’m going to start with the Executives. This will also give a glimpse into some of the more important committees and roles which I hope to feature in future posts. I have a feeling the Lifestyle Guidance Manager role will be particularly interesting to research. I mentioned that to my wife and it evoked memories of little rule books carried by middle schoolers, bans on ear piercings and strict dress codes.

Elder Name Highest Rank Shikona Role
Hakkaku 61st Yokozuna Hokutoumi Chairman
Oguruma Ozeki Kotokaze Senior Executive Manager
Nationwide Preservation Committee
Museum Steering Committee
Kyokai HQ
Takanohana 65th Yokozuna Takanohana Jungyo Manager
Kagamiyama Sekiwake Tagaryu Planning Manager
Publicity Manager
Lifestyle Guidance Manager
Supervisory Committee
Crisis Management
Museum Steering Committee
Kyokai HQ
Isegahama 63rd Yokozuna Asahifuji Local Manager (Osaka)
Nishonoseki Ozeki Wakashimazu Referee Director
Anti-Doping Committee Chairman
New Apprentice Inspection
Sakaigawa Komusubi Ryogoku Local Manager (Fukuoka)
Kasugano Sekiwake Tochinowaka Chief of Public Relations
Chief of Security
Museum Steering Committee
Kyokai HQ
Dewanoumi Maegashira 2 Oginohana Local Manager (Nagoya)
Yamahibiki Maegashira 1 Ganyu Teaching Director

2 thoughts on “Sumo Kyokai Executive Officers

  1. Ok, this is really cool stuff. Am I missing something, or is no one listed as any kind of media liaison? Or is that just completely out-sourced to NHK, and they get to do whatever they want?

    I had not idea that Kotokaze was such a high-ranked member of the NSK, it kind of indicates the prominence of the *kaze crew from Oguruma. Speaking of which, it’s interesting to note the broad dominance of Kokonoe rikishi in the banzuke. No one in sanyaku, but there are a TON of Kokonoe men in the top 3 ranks. Is that lack of representation in NSK leadership a function that Chiyonofuji recently died?

    • My guess is that it’s mostly rolled into the PR department. Further down the list, there’s a division of the PR department called the “Press Club”. The leaders of that are former Kotooshu & Takamisakari. Some of the other committees, like Publicity and even the Nationwide Preservation Committee may cover some of the NHK relationship; either way it will be interesting to see what I can uncover. With social media now, I bet even the Lifestyle Guidance group will need to be run like a PR firm. Individual wrestlers with individual opinions…aided by unregulated Twitter accounts…I’m surprised more hasn’t come out about what went on with Homarenishiki. If Twitter, FB, and Line had been around during the yaocho scandal, the lists of friends and followers of wrestlers would be prime fodder for analysis.


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