Fukuoka Basho: Upcoming Events

Burying of salt and other tokens of good luck under the surface of the dohyo

If you are lucky enough to be in Japan and are looking for something to do or somewhere to go over the next month, I would encourage a serious look at Fukuoka for the sumo tournament.

Obviously, the action starts on November 13th and runs through the 27th. However, there are a few events beforehand that would be great to watch:

3 thoughts on “Fukuoka Basho: Upcoming Events

  1. So at one point Jason from the YouTube channel fame was intending to head to Fukuoka for at least a day of Sumo. Hopefully he can get that to happen, as I wish to live vicariously through his adventures. I would dearly love to be present for both these events, but sadly there is no Dallas basho anytime soon!

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    • The Redskins were in London yesterday. It would be nice if they stayed over there. But following that line of thought, I would hope for at least a Jungyo state-side.


      • Yeah, the NFL seems to be hell bent to stake a team of some sort in London. It has been a decade since any kind of US sumo event, correct? I think it was 2005 in Las Vegas.


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