Zensho Goeido *updated*

As Bruce reported yesterday, Goeido won his first yusho. Bruce also has a great rundown today. Goeido managed it in spectacular fashion, going undefeated over the 15 days. This is obviously the biggest headline coming out of the Fall Tournament but there are many other key storylines:

  • Tokitenku intai – I’m very sad to see Tokitenku officially call it a career. The former Komusubi has not competed in the past year since his diagnosis with lymphoma.
  • Endo resurgence – Endo picked up a jun-yusho and the technique special prize with his 13 wins
  • Whispers of Ozeki Takayasu – Fighting Spirit special prize and 10 wins at sekiwake gives him a good first step. We need two more great tournaments!
  • WTF, Okinoumi? – One of the most spectacular runs ever, followed by a week of mediocrity
  • Terunofuji kadoban – I hope he heals quickly because another basho with a kadoban ozeki magically retaining his rank does harm to the sport.
  • Injuries – Will Hakuho and Osunaarashi be able to recover in time for November?

A Konishiki-sized “Thank You” to Bruce for his great reporting; I’m really looking forward to November! It’s always much more fun when I know there are others out there, like me, who enjoy professional King of the Hill.

If any of you all are in the DC area, maybe we can get a Happy Hour going?

9 thoughts on “Zensho Goeido *updated*

  1. As a fan of the mighty Konishiki, that is quite an honor! My work sometimes takes me to DC (though it has yet to this year).

    With regards to the Tachiai blog – I always endeavor to Gambarize!

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      • At the end of each basho, multiple awards are presented to the winner. Some come from local media, like newspapers, etc. Some prefectures use the opportunity to promote some of their products, like beef, mushrooms, whatever. Others are from countries. Saudi Arabia gives a year of free gas. The giant macaroon is given by France and it is my favorite “trophy” ever. I forget what Mexico gives, I think it’s like Corona or something. We need to do an article on these. I’ve tweeted pictures of them before. Some of the trophies are really cool looking.

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