Midpoint Review

We’ve reached Day 8 of the Fall Tournament and:

  1. Goeido has sole possession of first place.
  2. Takayasu may be starting an ozeki run with his defeat of Kakuryu.
  3. Okinoumi has beaten two yokozuna and three ozeki.
  4. Endo and Okinoumi are tied for second with Harumafuji.
  5. Ura is on a five-bout losing streak (3 hatakikomi).

I would not have believed any of these storylines coming into this tournament. It’s been a great one with some great clashes. Obviously, Goeido’s bout with Yoshikaze tomorrow is circled. Mitakeumi should be a good match against Okinoumi, who will want to stay with the leaders. Endo/Ikioi should be a good one with both looking strong, though Ikioi’s nagging injuries may hamper him a bit.

One thought on “Midpoint Review

  1. I am worried about Ura, you nailed it on your post on his weakness. But robbing him of his one trick will make him a better rikishi. I also think he may have put on more weight than he can work with for now. I am in a rush to see him in Makuuchi (mostly so that he shows up on those highlight reels I get via NHK World), but he has the seeds of greatness, and sometimes it takes a bit for those to become firmly rooted

    I really like Okinoumi’s odds on yusho. With Goeido soon to face the bulk of the San’yaku battle fleet, he may not get to hold his undefeated record too much longer.

    I like to imagine that Hakuho, recovering somewhere with that giant cat of his, is loving every minute of this thing. Yeah, at some point I will see if I can dig up photo’s of Hakuho’s cat…. The thing is a monster.


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