Goeido Atop Leaderboard

A week ago, I would not have thought I’d ever be publishing that headline. Today, Goeido simply dominated. He started with a very strong tachiai, leading with his head into Okinoumi’s chin, knocking the pair back to the straw bales. Okinoumi was able to gain purchase with the right leg, and pivot back toward the middle of the ring. Both wrestlers jostled for the others’ belt. Goeido got a hold with both hands first and quickly spun the maegashira into a death roll, sending him off the dohyo.

Okinoumi did fend well, put in a great effort to counter, but Goeido was too strong. I’m just stunned that I wrote that sentence. He surely was showing no signs of wear from yesterday’s assault by Takayasu. For his part, Takayasu got back on track for his ozeki run with an impressive take down of yokozuna Kakuryu.

Harumafuji is sticking with the leadership pack by spinning Myogiryu to the ground. Further down the banzuke, Endo is also one loss back with a strong, confident win over Kyokushuho who now falls two losses off pace. I will update later when I get home.

One thought on “Goeido Atop Leaderboard

  1. Goeido is at the height of his form right now, he looks really good. I can’t wait to see him roll like a wrecking ball against some of his san’yaku competitors. What a shift from Nagoya, and a welcome shift at that. Sumo needs more strong upper ranked rikishi.

    Harumafuji – he is looking really really good. Confident, strong, skilled, kind of unstoppable. If we can give Goeido one loss in the next few days, this whole thing blows up into a giant free for all.

    I sure hope so


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