Goeido Kachi-koshi

Frankly, Goeido’s performance to date is what I expect of Ozeki and Yokozuna each tournament. Now that I’ve seen what he’s capable of, I want to see this every time. Today against Yoshikaze, he battled through a few seconds of slapping, grabbed the maegashira’s mawashi and escorted him out of the dohyo.

Aside from Terunofuji, the other senior sanyaku wrestlers won. Okinoumi continues to impress and now faces the easiest part of his schedule. Any losses this week will be a disappointment. Goeido faces an uphill battle to retain his undefeated record. Speaking of uphill, he will face man-mountain Aoiyama tomorrow. From there he’ll need to face his ozeki counterparts and the yokozuna.

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