Day 8 Results – Uwatenage & Henka


Goeido Dispatches Yoshikaze, Remains Undefeated

Day 8’s theme turns out to be Uwatenage – 上手投げ, with a spattering of Henka – 変化. There were some fantastic bouts during day 8 at the Kokugikan, with the top line results being that Goeido is still without a loss, and remains alone atop the leader board. Close on his heels are trio that are still very much in the hunt: Harumafuji, Okinoumi, Endo. All four of these rikishi are performing well this tournament, and any one of them could end up the winner.

In Juryo, Ura managed to win, and Osunaarashi returned from a short kuyjo, but looks to be in horrible condition.

Chiyoshoma defeats Gagamaru – Chiyoshoma got off to a great start, got the big man unbalanced and rolled him like a keg of beer.

Tokushoryu defeats Nishikigi – What a bout! It was part push-fest, part “dancing with the stars” that saw both men on the bales a couple of times. Congrats to Tokushoryu for a great win.

Endo defeats Ikioi – Endo made quick work of Ikioi after Ikioi’s failed attempt at a throw. Both are looking very strong, but Endo stays at one loss and in the hunt for the championship.

Kotoyuki defeats Chiyonokuni – Really sad when a sumotori of Kotoyuki’s skill pulls a henka like that.

Okinoumi defeats Mitakeumi – Solid, exciting match. Off the tachiai, Mitakeumi opened the attack to Okinoumi, and was clearly in charge. But Okinoumi tied him up, lowered dropped his hips and drove Mitakeumi out of the ring for a textbook Yorikiri

Takayasu defeats Takarafuji – Another bout that ended with uwatenage (overarm throw), but began with a lot of strong pushing and working to get inside to grab a piece of belt. As Tachiai reported weeks ago, Takayasu is looking like a good bet to be an Ozeki contender in the year ahead.

Goeido defeats Yoshikaze – Yoshikazu gets started with his traditional flurry of pushes and slaps, but Goeido quickly raps him up. gets a strong grip on Yoshikaze’s mawashi, and forces him out to remain undefeated. With his kachi-koshi now secure, Goeido is no longer kadoban. Tachiai congratulates the Ozeki for a very impressive and dominant campaign to prove he belongs at that rank.

Tochiozan defeats Terunofuji – A fantastic battle that ranged across the dohyo, with each man up against the tawara at least once. Unable to force each other out, the match ended with Tochiozan throwing Terunofuji to the clay. Terunofuji is now in serious risk to returning to kadoban status for the next tournament.

Kisenosato defeats Myogiryu – This was never going to be a tough bout, but it’s a great example of why Kisenosato is the top Ozeki. He not only wins, but his moves and posture are straight from a ukiyo-e woodblock print from the Edo era. Shame his cold start has left him in a tough spot for his Yokozuna push.

Kotoshogiku defeats Kaisei – Disturbing match, it was more or less a Kotoshogiku henka. Going in I had no doubt that Kotoshogiku could dispatch the Brazilian, who has put on too much weight to remain aggressive.  Completely pointless move to duck the tachiai.

Harumafuji defeats Chiyootori – I know Harumafuji provides a valuable service competing against the lower ranked rikishi (it aids their training and skill), but really, I want to see him dismantle some san’yaku. Can we start the week 2 festivities please?


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