Well, Now Everyone’s Defeated. Wide Open Yusho Race…For Now

Unfortunately, the field is beset by injury. Aside from all of the kyujo wrestlers (Tokitenku is way down in Sandanme – retirement coming?) we’ve got a multitude of walking wounded. Kotoshogiku’s left leg cannot overcome the weakness in his right and Terunofuji is clearly not 100% but is giving a valiant effort in trying to retain his rank.

With the injuries, all yokozuna with losses, Kisenosato’s surprising loss yesterday and an under-performing Goeido, Takarafuji and Takayasu are in contention from the very difficult position.

As I mentioned to Celina, I did not think Sadanoumi had it in him to take down Ichinojo but in retrospect, I should have seen it coming. The way he bulldozed Kitaharima the day before should have foreshadowed his ability to get Ichinojo off balance from the tachiai. Once that big guy starts going backwards, physics takes over and he won’t stop. Everything is up for grabs!

I’d also like to pass along my condolences to readers in France. The events in Nice last night were shocking.

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