Ichinojo Rises Above

Hakuho gives a gold star to Takarafuji. Kisenosato fell to Tochiozan but stays in contention with Hakuho’s surprising defeat. Terunofuji’s loss to Shohozan was a bit less unexpected. Ichinojo’s dominance of middling maegashira isn’t entirely surprising and I don’t think Sadanoumi will be able to stop him tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Ichinojo Rises Above

  1. So you didn’t think the unpredictable Sadanoumi was able to yorikize Ichinojo ?
    That’s what I love about sumo… it’s always full of surprises ^^

    • I did not see that coming. The last few tournaments, Ichinojo had seemed not 100%. A bit lethargic, maybe a little injured. This tournament he’d not been “aggressive” or active but efficient. I definitely took Sadanoumi for granted.


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