The Forecast Didn’t Call For Rain…

…But the zabuton rained down today. Two yokozuna and two ozeki lost. In honor of this sanyaku smack down, I give you Phil Collins:

Screenshot (207)

Harumafuji dropped a weak challenge from Okinoumi as he tripped off the dohyo and Kakuryu took a surprisingly hard tumble off the cliffs of Kochi. Prior to those two falling out of contention, Goeido and Kotoshogiku seemed jealous of Terunofuji’s kadoban status and will need to turn things around if they hope to have a winning record…yusho chase hopes dashed.

Endo needs to learn how to fall safely. There’s no reason he should have landed that hard. Terunofuji’s looking 80%. Hopefully he gets his kachikoshi on Sunday and sits out the rest of the tourney – and the next one. It won’t happen, though, because then he’d still be in the yusho race. That race is down to three very quickly: Hakuho, Kisenosato, and Terunofuji. Four more rank-and-filers are technically in the race, too, for now.

On a positive note, Kaisei was solid today against Tochinoshin. He wants to stay in the sanyaku and demonstrated persistence and strength.


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