Kotoshogiku Out of Gas

We’re two days in to the tournament and what have we learned?

  • Hakuho is still on top of his game – yet somehow the NHK video opens with championship hopes of Kisenosato?
  • Kotoshogiku has had zero of his usual leg strength. He was quickly backed to the edge by Tochiozan and provided no challenge to Takayasu
  • Terunofuji could manage 8 wins, as for Giku I’m not so sure
  • Osunaarashi injured
  • Ura and Ishiura thrilling in Juryo
  • Fan feeds still provide much needed value for longtime: more bouts and more insight. The NHK highlight show was good to see but it’s clearly targeting a newbie audience. I hope they’ll discover that the real viewership will come when they step things up a notch. Thanks to Kintamayama for the Juryo bouts and insightful commentary. Great insight and coverage from Jason, too.