Daily Mail on Visiting Sumo Heya

I was shocked yesterday to see a decent sumo article in the Daily Mail. What I mean by decent is that it was actually a respectful, informational article. It’s about how to watch sumo practice and which stables have practices open to spectator viewing. Usually articles about sumo in mainstream press are stories that reduce rikishi to a circus sideshow…how many can fit into a car, or on an airplane, or the ever popular sumo wrestler race.

I really do need to continuously thank several websites I rely on for data and information about sumo. It’s not like NFL where there’s so much coverage that it bleeds into the evening news and is basically everywhere. We need to hunt things out.

Aside from this one article, not a lot of reliable coverage in English in mainstream press. I enjoy reading Dosukoi.fr to keep up with news and some live viewing of bouts via the Mongolian channel.

The SumoDB at Sumogames.de has SO MUCH information. It’s fantastic. If it had kenshokin/sponsorship and injury data, it would be the dream dataset. If someone knows where to find that, let me know.

Then aside from the sumo association’s live stream, for recorded bouts, the Youtube channels like Kintamayama and Jason’s Sumo Channel are great viewing.


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