Terunofuji Will Compete In March

Yohann over at Dosukoi.fr is reporting that Terunofuji will compete in March.
Click here to read the story over on his site (French)
. I wrote a few days ago that I am in favor of him skipping the tournament and everyone who voted so far has agreed. terunofuji(The lone dissenting vote is actually mine…I was just testing the vote app.) I hope he heals quickly. As mentioned before, he has a broken collar bone that will surely be sore and a target for anyone who wants some kenshokin. I think this is a huge mistake since he could come back fresh in May, pick up 10 wins, and preserve his ozeki status. Even if somehow he weren’t able to win 10 matches, I’m confident that a healthy Terunofuji would not only make an eventual return to ozeki status, I think he’d win another yusho or two. If he gets a few more, he’s destined for yokozuna promotion…if healthy. Competing in March does not assure he will get a winning record unless there’s some yaocho funny business. If everything’s on the up-and-up, he’s STILL in danger of promotion AND he’s at serious risk of further aggravating the injury. SIT HIM.

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