Is Chiyonoumi the Real Deal?

Homarenishiki’s presence in the lower divisions is certainly increasing my own attention to the lower ranks; I don’t know about y’all. Anyway, while looking over the results of the New Year tournamenScreenshot (145)t I noticed that Chiyonoumi won sandanme division. He comes from Kochi which means I automatically pay more attention. Kochi is a great place.

Then, when I looked deeper at his record, he’s had a pretty stellar year in professional sumo with three yusho now, and a steady progression up the banzuke. He won his first two yusho under the name Hamamachi. One of those yusho, in Jonidan, came with Homarenishiki also performing well in the same division. Homarenishiki finished 6-1. They have not fought. 

He also comes from Nippon Sport Science University which has yielded the likes of Yoshikaze & Myogiryu. You can tell from his shikona that he’s in Chiyonofuji’s Kokonoe beya. At this point though, he’s still a small guy, Amuru-size, and he clearly struggled with the size disadvantage last basho against Komanokuni.

We’ll probably see him put on more weight but I like to see a new generation of slimmer, fitter guys having success against the mountain-men. Chiyonoumi will be in makushita next tournament and it will be exciting to see if he can rise into Juryo this year.



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