November 2015, Day 5: Kakuryu Falls Off Pace

In the biggest upset of the day, a hungry, resurgent Myogiryu blasted Kakuryu. Terunofuji was the only ozeki to lose, Tochinoshin’s size was too much for his knee. Yoshikaze recovered from Hakuho’s henka, beating Tochiozan. Tochiozan, in the meantime is basically out of the ozeki running and needs to work hard to preserve his sekiwake status. He will face Kisenosato in the morning and still has all of the yokozuna to face.

Of our leaders, Ikioi and Chiyootori face the highest probability of losing. Ikioi will have his hands full with Kaisei and Chiyootori will need to demonstrate his best agility to take out Gagamaru. On the other hand, Kotoshogiku will face a dispassionate Ichinojo and Hakuho will face Toyonoshima, whom he hasn’t lost to since 2012.


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