November 2015, Day 4: Hakuho, Kotoshogiku, Ikioi, Chiyootori lead (updated)

This will be a quick update because I need to run. I hope to update later tonight with more analysis. Kaisei dropped off the lead pack but Ikioi and Chiyootori are hanging with Hakuho and Kotoshogiku…for now.

Kotoshogiku will have his hands full with Toyonoshima tomorrow. The maegashira 3 has beaten both Sekiwake and Endo and he’s beaten Giku the last four times they’ve fought. Hakuho will likely have no problem dispatching Aoiyama as Tochinoshin and Osunaarashi are bigger challenges, I think, especially the way the man mountain just sat down against Ternoufuji today. It seemed when he tried to brace with his left knee, it gave and he collapsed. As for Hakuho, I think everyone was surprised at his henka win over Yoshikaze.

Ikioi will face Endo who’s not been doing well this tournament and Chiyootori is still battling chumps at the bottom of the banzuke. Chiyootori will likely carry on undefeated for the first week, at least.


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