November 2015, Day 2: Damn It!

Harumafuji lost a belt match against Osunaarashi, meaning I need to update my gold star tally page again. He did not look like a yokozuna today. Osunaarashi dispensed with his usual forceful blows and both wrestlers immediately grabbed the other’s belt. Then, after a long, patient wait, Osunaarashi overpowered Harumafuji to pick up a yorikiri win and another feather in his cap.

Instead, I was hoping Tochinoshin would bring down Kotoshogiku but I should have known better in front of a Kyushu crowd. Kotoshogiku showed his usual jackrabbit kicks but they’ve just lost their potency against a lot of these guys, including Tochinoshin. However, before Tochinoshin could counter, Giku brought him down with a tsukiotoshi.

Hakuho had a rather straight forward win over Ichinojo and Kakuryu was able to bounce back against the man-mountain, Aoiyama. However, in another stunning upset, Yoshikaze took out Kisenosato. I’d thought for a few seconds about calling that for my “upset of the day” but maybe I was secretly hoping Kisenosato would carry on in yusho contention for a while.

Instead, Goeido joins Kotoshogiku and Hakuho at the top of the leaderboard on day two behind his decisive defeat of Toyonoshima and Terunofuji coming up lame against Tochiozan. Terunofuji must have aggravated his knee injury because he had nothing against Tochiozan. It will be torture to watch him struggle to get 8 wins.

Further on down the banzuke, Endo still can’t crack the geezer. Aminishiki won with a throw after an entertaining bout. Ikioi beat Amuru to advance to 2-0. Including his time in Juryo, when he wins his first two bouts, he’s always picked up at least nine wins. Gambare!

My West team is getting crushed, 8-4 on day two.


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