November 2015, Day Two: Preview

The matchup of the day for tomorrow is Harumafuji v Osunaarashi. Heavier guys seem to be able to outlast Osunaarashi by powering through his blows and winning on the belt or with a grip on his body. Harumafuji is much lighter and won their last match with his speed. Osunaarashi will need to be aggressive from the start. This will be a very interesting match now that both seem to be healthy. This match has the potential to be the upset of the day but I’m really hoping Harumafuji will be in the title race so he needs to win.

On paper, it would seem the upset of the day would be Toyonoshima over Goeido but Goeido has won their last 4 bouts and 8 of their last 11. Toyonoshima had a sly win over Tochiozan today but Goeido is kadoban so he’ll be careful not to make mistakes. Instead, I’m calling Tochinoshin to get a win over Kotoshogiku for the first time since May 2011.

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