Definitely Low-Tech Fantasy Sumo

I’m glad I didn’t put more time into developing a quality fantasy sumo app on that platform. I got a notice last night that they were hacked. So, to avoid the security pitfalls of web development, I just want to stress my low-tech method. I’ll never make anything that requires people to put in a password because I know a lot of people use the same password across multiple sites. I don’t, and mine are always randomly generated, so I’m glad I don’t need to change a whole bunch of passwords. The site was giving me a bad vibe, anyway. My paranoia (which you can probably guess by my email address) paid off in this case.

Anyway, if you want to do fantasy sumo, my low tech method is this: send me an email to with your bids, process described in the previous post. I’ll track it each week and post a running table each day with the results. You can also post them here in the comment section…whichever makes you more comfortable. I’m just really hoping to generate more interest, particularly in Juryo this go round and lower ranked bouts next time.


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