Low-Tech Fantasy Sumo

I really want to do fantasy sumo but finding a free platform to develop something legit has been difficult. I especially don’t like the sketchy pop-under ads I noticed after I tried last time. So, let’s go low-tech and see if anyone’s interested before I put a bunch of time into it. Now that the banzuke is out, this is how it will go down: you email me a list of your top 10 wrestlers and how much you’re willing to pay to recruit them. You get $1000 to spread among your 10 and you will end up recruiting 5 wrestlers (makuuchi & juryo only for now) into your heya.

  1. Email me at tachiai{at}unseen[dot]is
  2. Subject: “Fantasy Sumo Entry”
  3. Give me a Heya Name and your oyakata alias
  4. 10 wrestlers w/ bids

Since this is the first time, I’ll cut off the first round of bids this Sunday night. To give you a sense of what I mean, these are my bids:

  1. Hakuho, $300
  2. Harumafuji, $300
  3. Takayasu, $50
  4. Ikioi, $50
  5. Takarafuji, $50
  6. Sadanofuji, $50
  7. Osunaarashi, $75
  8. Ishiura, $25
  9. Kaisei, $50
  10. Jokoryu, $50

You get points with wins. 1 win = 1 point. 2 bonus points at the end for a special prize, 3 for a yusho. If anyone decides to try, I’ll post the rosters before action starts and then report on each day’s results. I hope it gets a bit of friendly competition going and ultimately I’d like to expand it to lower divisions and get more interest in those divisions since I personally know very little about the lower ranked wrestlers. Anyway, I figure I’ll see if there’s interest in this low-tech method. It should be pretty interesting to see the strategies people use.

One thought on “Low-Tech Fantasy Sumo

  1. […] I’m going to split the ten wrestlers I chose into even (West) and odd (East): so for West, I’ve got Harumafuji, Ikioi, Sadanofuji, Ishiura & Jokoryu. My East team is Hakuho, Takayasu, Takarafuji, Osunaarashi, and Kaisei. Right now, East leads 4-2 and I’ve got serious questions about my Juryo choices. […]


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