Fall Tournament 2015, Day Two: We’ll Get a New Champion (updated)

With Harumafuji out and Hakuho talking about resting his ankle, only Kakuryu and Terunofuji are active wrestlers with yusho at one a piece. Newly retired Kyokutenho has more yusho (1) than the entire remaining field of 38 rikishi. One thing’s for sure, if Kotoshogiku wins, I’ll retire the blog. Kisenosato’s been solid so far. I’ve been reviewing Hakuho’s bouts (thanks, Jason – Day 1 bout vs Okinoumi link here) and he’s not planting with the right foot. In fact, he slipped today when he tried to plant his right foot on the straw bales. Let’s face it, sadly the invincible Hakuho is injured.

Injured Hakuho Gives Up Kinboshi
Injured Hakuho Gives Up Kinboshi

Terunofuji is impressive. He manhandled Okinoumi and is my favorite to pick up this yusho. Kisenosato is also looking really strong this tournament so we should have some good yusho drama this tournament. Kotoshogiku bounced Osunaarashi but demonstrated how one-dimensional he is. There was no skill, just the straight-forward jackrabbit.

Goeido was defeated soundly by Takayasu. It was a good, close match…but he shouldn’t be really happy as ozeki consistently losing good, close matches to guys like Takayasu who can’t stay in sanyaku. Well, I say that and yet before today, Takayasu was the most recent kinboshi yielded by Hakuho. But you know what I mean, Goeido is an ozeki and yet <em>as ozeki</em> he’s lost 4 of 6 to matches to Takayasu. With Harumafuji down and Hakuho likely joining him on the sidelines, this is probably the best chance he’ll have at picking up double-digit wins.

Tochi-from-Kochi showed Sadanofuji who’s boss and looks inspired. He’s got a real shot at picking up double-digit wins, especially with the two injured yokozuna. His opposite number, Myogiryu went straight for Ichinojo and blasted the 200 kilo Mongolian from the ring. I’m really encouraged to see these Sekiwake picking up these crucial first wins. Hopefully they’ll stay in the hunt well into the tournament.

Hidenoumi overpowered Chiyomaru, who’s visiting from Juryo. Kitataiki had a good start against Seiro but couldn’t get him over the bales. After Seiro got their momentum going the other direction, he was able to topple Kitataiki out for the win. Asasekiryu still seems to be hindered by that heavily taped right knee and Sokokurai took advantage, working him out of the dohyo. Tokitenku hilariously over-committed on a kick and Chiyootori quickly pushed him out. Daieisho gained the upperhand quickly with some aggressive slapping out of the gate. Homarefuji picked up his first win against Ikioi. Kyokushuho showed some impressive strength working Gagamaru over the bales. Kotoyuki looked to have the upperhand but a wily Kagamio sidestepped at the edge to set Kotoyuki flopping on his belly.

Endo and Toyonoshima had a great, evenly matched bout. However, Toyonoshima got Endo to overextend and flop in virtually the same spot as Kotoyuki before him. Amuru picked up a good win against Takekaze. Tamawashi blasted through Tokushoryu to pick up his second win. Aminishiki used a clever arm throw against Kaisei. Uncle Taka (Takarafuji) destroyed Sadanoumi at the tachiai picking up a much needed win.


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