Banzuke Out!

Hakuho leads the East. Duh.
Kakuryu leads the West. I hope Harumafuji sits out and gets healthy. That elbow has been nagging at him for a long time.

Terunofuji starts his second ozeki tournament as the top Ozeki in the East with Kisenosato in the West and Goeido following as Ozeki #2 in the East. Faux-zeki* Kotoshogiku is in the West.

Tochiozan gets to follow up his strong July as East Sekiwake with Myogiryu in the West.

Tochinoshin gets into the sanyaku where he should have been in July, paired with Okinoumi.

Aoiyama and Yoshikaze lead the maegashira with Osunaarashi and Sadanofuji behind them. They’ll have a rough first week. Ichinojo falls to M4 so he’ll probably do well this tournament with a weaker schedule. Endo and Amuru are up to M7. Ikioi falls all the way to M12. I’m counting on 10 wins from him and will be disappointed with anything less.

* Kotoshogiku’s continuing status as Ozeki is fishy so he’s not an ozeki in my book. Ben Stewart’s term is perfect.

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