November Tournament: Day Four

Harumafuji gave up another kinboshi! This time the lucky maegashira is Tochiozan at maegashira #1. Hopefully Harumafuji can bounce back strongly and finish with at least 12 wins for the tournament. I just always expect Yokozuna to get 12 wins fairly consistently. Goeido might still pull off a good 10 wins as he got some revenge against Ichinojo, as he lost to “the monster” at the Fall tournament. Both wrestlers stand at 2-2 with Harumafuji and Kotoshogiku, who lost to Ikioi. I’m very happy to see Ikioi collect his first sanyaku win. IHe seemed to have a good match with Goeido yesterday and I thought he could almost take it, so it was nice to see him win today. It shouldn’t have come as that much of a surprise, though, as Ikioi had a good head-to-head record against Kotoshogiku, and now actually leads in their rivalry. And Endo won again today to also improve to 2-2.

Screenshot (40)

Again, Hakuho and Kakuryu knocked off their opponents to stay perfect. Kisenosato outlasted Terunofuji in an epic bout, Okinoumi benefited from Osunaarashi’s forfeit, and Kyokutenho is still impressive at 40 years old. The three join Hakuho and Kakuryu with perfect records after Day 4. Okinoumi and Kyokutenho have looked pretty strong in the last two tournaments and I’m hoping they can stay strong as their competition gets more fierce.

With only those five having perfect records, you can infer that Tochinoshin lost today to Tamawashi. It looked like his knee may not have made a full recovery. I hope he’s up for it tomorrow or gets the recovery time he needs. Speaking of knees, sadly, Osunaarashi sat out due to injury and he’s not on the schedule for tomorrow. I hope he gets well and gets some rest.


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