Looking Forward to Day 5

I’ve just been looking over the schedule for tomorrow and I want to highlight a few match-ups.

Plainly, Harumafuji needs a win against Ikioi. His eye seemed a bit swollen yesterday so I hope he’s good for tomorrow. He’s undefeated in three bouts against Ikioi, winning in July with an amazing “fisherman’s throw” kimarite. http://vimeo.com/100689508

Hakuho’s opponent tomorrow is Toyohibiki who does have one gold star against the super-zuna in their previous five meetings. I’ll be surprised if Hakuho is upset, though. The last few days he’s been showing the right amount of aggression and skill to keep his opponents off balance and not having much chance to control any part of the bout.

Aoiyama’s been strong of late against Kisenosato and the ozeki had a marathon bout today but he’s been on form this tournament so I give the edge to Kisenosato. If there’s an upset tomorrow, chances are strong it will be Tochiozan over Goeido. Their rivalry is very competitive and lately the maegashira actually has proven stronger, winning four of their last five meetings.

Endo’s lost both his bouts against Jokoryu. For some reason, though, I see him coming through on this one to get the win.


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