Natsu Day 1 and 2 Makuuchi Torikumi Posted

The tsuriyane is up! It’s honbasho time!

The matches for the top divisions for day 1 and 2 have been posted to the Japan Sumo Association official website. It’s no surprise that most of day 1 is the east/west face off for the same rank, as in Maegashira 12E Shimanoumi takes on Maegashira 12 W Yago. With Hakuho kyujo, the top end of the torikumi seems a bit light, but if this tournament follows prior examples without the dai-Yokozuna, the we will see a broader set of rikishi in the running for the yusho, and we are likely to see some high scoring coming out of the joi-jin for Natsu. I specifically like Mitakeumi in these cases, but fans will wonder what kind of shape that knee is in.

Full coverage starting shortly for the Natsu basho – here we go sumo fans!