Natsu Day 1 and 2 Makuuchi Torikumi Posted

The tsuriyane is up! It’s honbasho time!

The matches for the top divisions for day 1 and 2 have been posted to the Japan Sumo Association official website. It’s no surprise that most of day 1 is the east/west face off for the same rank, as in Maegashira 12E Shimanoumi takes on Maegashira 12 W Yago. With Hakuho kyujo, the top end of the torikumi seems a bit light, but if this tournament follows prior examples without the dai-Yokozuna, the we will see a broader set of rikishi in the running for the yusho, and we are likely to see some high scoring coming out of the joi-jin for Natsu. I specifically like Mitakeumi in these cases, but fans will wonder what kind of shape that knee is in.

Full coverage starting shortly for the Natsu basho – here we go sumo fans!

2 thoughts on “Natsu Day 1 and 2 Makuuchi Torikumi Posted

  1. Of note, Tochinoshin gets Chiyotairyu and then Daieisho, against whom he’s a combined 11-3. He really needs a 2-0 start if he’s to get his 10. And we should learn something about the state of both Mitakeumi and Kakuryu when they face off on Day 1—the head-to-head is even at 5-5, with Mitakeumi taking the last two.

  2. Enho goes against Tokushoryu and Kotoeko – both rivals he has met before in Juryo (2-2 and 1-1 respectively).

    Due to Hakuho’s kyujo, there is an odd number of rikishi in Makuuchi. This means a Juryo visitor every day, and also a Makushita visitor to Juryo.

    On Day 1, Toyonoshima is the Juryo visitor, facing Chiyoshoma.
    On Day 2, Ikioi will be up from Juryo, facing Ishiura.

    Juryo matches have only been published for day 1. The Makushita visitor is Fujiazuma, who will be facing Churanoumi.


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