November 2014 Banzuke

The rank list (banzuke) for the November Basho is out now. The Yokozuna and Ozeki rankings are unchanged from last tournament. Obviously the biggest story is Ichinojo’s leap from the ranks of maegashira to sekiwake – skipping the komusubi. He will have to battle the top ranked wrestlers from the beginning and won’t be able to henka his way through the whole tournament. I’m projecting a 5-10 record, if he competes. His size is formidable but Tochinoshin, Ikioi, and Hakuho proved he can be beat on the belt. Please visit the Dosukoi site. They’ve got some great material. The Sumo kyokai also has the banzuke published in English at the link below.
Both of the above links are for “current” banzuke so for the November 2014 banzuke, an update:

Click to access banzuke-11-2014.pdf

Ikioi’s strong performance landed him a Komusubi rank. He’s very solid but a bit inconsistent. I’m hoping he can put together a solid tournament and stay in the upper ranks. Aoiyama joins Ichinojo as East Sekiwake. The immovable object always gets moved when battling the better wrestlers. He’ll struggle for his kachi-koshi. Takekaze stays in in the upper ranks at Komusubi.

Among the lower wrestlers, Aminishiki and Tochiozan had great tournaments and will be top-ranked maegashira. Osunaarashi drops one place while Jokoryu, Chiyotairyu, and Endo each plummetted into the midst of the middling maegashira. Joining them are Okinoumi, Tochinoshin, and Tokushoryu who did very well battling lower maegashira and juryo. Myogiryu’s and Homasho’s substantial falls are due to injury. I was disappointed to see Homasho go down. I enjoy his bouts.