Oosunaarashi Gets 200th Career Win


Victory Over Chitootori Was Milestone

In today’s win by Egyptian sumotori Oosunaarashi over Kokonoe swarm member Chitootori marked his 200th career win, which seems to have been marked with a small but rather delightful cake.

Oosunaarashi has been playing hurt for the past half a year, and this victory underscores his dedication to sumo, and his drive to win no matter what he has to endure to get there.

Congratulations to Oosunaarashi from everyone at Tachiai!

Ramadan 2015 (June 18-July 17)

Last year, Ramadan coincided with the July tournament. During Ramadan, practicing muslims fast during the daylight hours – which are at their longest this time of year. As sumo’s only muslim sekitori, Oosunaarashi is at a distinct disadvantage. However, last year he was able to pick up two kinboshi in a row – one off Harumafuji, the other from Kakuryu – though at other times he did seem to be a bit off. He was able to finish with a very respectable 7-8 record from the position of Maegashira 3.

Coming off injury in July’s tournament, if healthy, Oosunaarashi stands to have a much easier schedule than he did last year. Ramadan and the injury will probably force him to take a much lighter practice schedule and the extra rest may be beneficial, helping to recover. Too often these guys are coming back way too early and then aggravating their injuries so I hope he gets to rest. This July, he will not be facing any yokozuna as he will have surely dropped into the mid-maegashira ranks…perhaps M8 to M10?

Anyway, I know it was raised as an issue during last year’s tournament and I think coming back healthy from the injury will be of more concern this year.