Sumo Cluedo (a work in progress)

In the US, we call it Clue. For those unfamiliar, there are simple rules to the board game with characters represented by a different color. Guess the culprit, the method of the kill, and the location to win. We’ll have to switch it up a bit here since the location is fixed. And since many wrestlers change the colors of their mawashi, there may need to be final adjustments to the cast of characters. So, who will claim the first kinboshi, against which yokozuna, and what will be the kimarite?

With Endo up in sanyaku and also apparently switching colors, my Colonel Mustard is gone. Though variant B of this game will bring him back in as we guess who beats a Yokozuna, not necessarily a maegashira. Maybe Kaisei’s orange could count, but that would be some funky mustard. Our スカーレット関 would be birthday boy Abi (or Daieisho). We will surely have Mrs. Peacock (Shodai) and a Mr. Green (Yutakayama).

With Takakeisho slipping, we’ve lost our Plum and its been a while since a White/Silver mawashi’s been up there but we can create new characters around Tamawashi’s and Shohozan. Shohozan’s been mixing things up lately, anyway.

Well. My first guess will be Mrs. Peacock (Shodai), taking out Hakuho (I gotta pick a hard one…Kisenosato would be too easy), with oshidashi.