Nagoya Story 1 – Hakuho’s Record Run


Takes Aim At Total Win Record

In addition to whatever else may happen during the Nagoya basho, one item of great anticipation and excitement must be Hakuho’s imminent claim to one of the few records in Sumo that does not yet bear his name – the total win records currently held by Kaiō and Chiyonofuji.

Prior to his injury in Nagoya 2016, it seemed that Hakuho would claim these records early in 2017. But foot surgery, and a hard fought recovery prevented him from seriously challenging for his record until the upcoming 2017 Nagoya basho.

His first mark is Chiyonofuji at 1045 career wins – this only requires Hakuho to win 9 bouts. Provided he does not injure himself, this should not be difficult. Following that is the great Ozeki Kaiō at 1047 – or just 11 wins for Hakuho.

We will be counting down the wins to this mighty achievement during the Nagoya basho, starting in just 9 days.

Hakuho One Win From 1,000


With today’s win over Aoiyama, Hakuho is at 999 lifetime wins, one win from reaching the magic 1,000.  Only two other men have reached this level of dominance, Chiyonofuji and Kaio, both legendary figures in sumo.

Hakuho has rightfully earned his place in this exalted group, and I am eager for him to reach this achievement.  Day three of Kyushu should prove an easy path, with Hakuho scheduled to take on the struggling Kaisei.

After reaching 1,000 wins, he will be #3 in the all time list, with Chiyonofuji at 1,045 lifetime wins, and Kaio at 1,047.  It is not beyond reason that if Hakuho can stay healthy, he will one day soon, top that list.

Tachiai congratulates “The Boss”, and hopes that Kyushu throws him a well deserved celebration.

Chiyonofuji Celebrates 60th Birthday

Chiyonofuji turned 60 and the sumo kyokai rolled out the red tsuna (the rope belt yokozuna wear). I had to make the joke.

Two of the three current yokozuna accompanied him for the event as his sword bearer (Hakuho) and dew sweeper (Harumafuji).