Miyagino beya kyujo for Aki basho

Photo: Miyagino Beya Instagram

On September 5th, a PCR test was administered to the entire NSK workforce. The results revealed one low-ranking rikishi from Miyagino beya was positive. Given Hokuseiho’s positive result and this new case, it has been decided the entire heya will be absent from Aki basho.

Although the rikishi have tested negative in a PCR test following Hokuseiho’s infection, a rikishi has already complained at the time that he is feeling unwell.

Takashima oyakata, gyoji Shikimori Kandayu, and yobidashi Ryuji, who belong to the heya but have not been attending it, will all participate in the basho.

This will be the second time the heya goes on “COVID kyujo”, after Hakuho’s infection barred the other members of the heya from participating in Hatsu basho.

In other heya

At Oguruma beya, a sewanin (Nishikikaze) has tested positive on September 2nd. Although he was at the heya, he was observing practice wearing a mask, rather than participating in the activity, so the rikishi were not deemed close contacts. In yesterday’s PCR test, they all tested negative. They are therefore cleared to participate in Aki basho.

As for Minato beya, Ichinojo’s heya, Shibatayama oyakata says the NSK has not received information from them about their status at the time he was interviewed. But he said that if Ichinojo tests negative, then at least as far as schedule is concerned, he will be cleared to participate as well.

We wish the infected rikishi and sewanin a speedy recovery and no long term effects. We hope no further cases turn up.

Ozeki Takakeisho Withdraws From Nagoya Basho

As reported this hour by the Japanese sports press, Ozeki Takakeisho as withdrawn from the Nagoya Basho.

Details (in Japanese) can be found here – https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/2740fbec5d053bc58a152fad2ca98153f1bf0214

And here – https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/202107050000863.html?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=nikkansports_ogp

Where it says “At the tachiai he felt an electric shock in his neck”. That article also reports that he was taken to a hospital, but remained conscious and able to walk on his own.

The complaint is cited as an injury to his neck. It is unknown at this time how serious or minor it may be. His day 3 opponent, Meisei, will pick up his first win of the basho by fusensho.

We hope that Ozeki Takakeisho can get the medical attention he needs, and return healthy and ready to compete as soon as possible.

Tachiai News Update (Video) – Yokozuna Hakuho’s Latest Knee Surgery

Yokozuna Hakuho went back into surgery during the March basho in an attempt to repair damage to his right knee. Prior to the tournament, he required fluid to be drained daily just to regain movement in that leg. His doctors have suggested knee replacement surgery – soon! He is already committed to being absent in May, with July his targeted “last stand”

Andy, Josh and Bruce talk about what could be the last stand for the most dominant rikishi ever in the world of sumo, and wonder if July is really going to be possible given the severity of his injuries. It’s another 15 minutes of video by Team Tachiai!

Tachiai News Update – Yokozuna Hakuho’s Knee Surgery

Andy, Josh and Bruce discuss Yokozuna Hakuho’s latest knee surgery, and look into how he has forever changed sumo. What does the future hold for him? Will he be able to return ready to fight in July? Can he keep his body together long enough to be a part of the delayed Tokyo Olympic Games?

Its another 15 minute block of Team Tachiai talking through the scenarios around what could be the final basho of the most dominant rikishi ever to mount the dohyo. Video version on YouTube to follow soon.