Yutakayama Goes Kyujo

In a surprise kyujo announcement, Maegashira 2 Yutakayama has withdrawn from the 2018 Aki Basho after suffering an elbow injury during his Day 3 match with Yokozuna Kisenosato. Despite the damaged left elbow, Yutakayama attempted to fight through the pain on Day 4 in a losing effort against Kakuryu. Never the less, Yutakayama and his Oyakata are hopeful that he will be able to return to action before Aki ends, should the pain subside. Goeido, his Day 5 opponent, will receive a fusen win, bringing his record up to 4-1. This is very disappointing news for the promising young rikishi, and everyone here at Tachiai hopes Yutakayama has a speedy recovery.

As of yet, there is no news regarding Aoiyama going kyujo after a fall of the dohyo left the giant Bulgarian limping out of the Kokugikan. We will keep you posted should any news develop.

Kyokutaisei Withdraws from Competition

Maegashira 11 Kyokutaisei has withdrawn from the 2018 Aki Basho after suffering an injury to the meniscus in his left knee during his Day 3 match against Daieisho.  The Hokkaido native hurt himself while pivoting on the edge of the dohyo in his first win this September, and was in considerable pain while dismounting the dohyo. Kyokutaisei will require a month of rest and treatment, however, his Oyakata is hopeful that his pain is only temporary and that he will return to action before Aki is over. This marks the first time Kyokutaisei has gone kyujo since joining sumo in 2008. His Day 4 opponent, Ryuden, will receive a fusen win. We at Tachiai hope Kyokutaisei heals up and returns to action soon.

Chiyonokuni Withdraws From Nagoya


Another one of Tamawashi’s opponents has gone kyujo after a rough kotenage caused an injury during the match. This time it is Chiyonokuni, who sustained injury to his left elbow during the throw. This gives a fusen win to Ikioi, and gives ikioi his kochi-koshi.

The team at Tachiai sincerely hope that Chiyonokuni recovers soon, and returns to action in September.

Kotoshogiku Withdraws From Nagoya


Former Ozeki Kotoshokigu has withdrawn from competition on day 11. This is due to injuries sustained in his crowd surfing episode at the end of his match with Tamawashi. With his kyujo, Shodai picks up a second fusen / default win of the tournament. Oddly enough, this tournament has featured two rikishi (Chiyonokuni and Shodai) getting 2 default wins. Kotoshogiku had a 3-7 record going into day 11.

We wish him a speedy recovery.

Tochinoshin Kyujo

NHK Sports is reporting that Tochinoshin will not compete on Day 7. Shodai will get the fusen win. Obviously, we will try the best we can to get information on the severity, and whether he will return this tournament. We’ll remember Endo returned after going kyujo last tournament and did not win any bouts after a 3 day break. As Ozeki, Tochinoshin now has a serious advantage. If it turns out this is a serious injury, he could stand to go kadoban and plan to come back in September. If it is even more serious, he could stand to go back down to ozekiwake in November, win 10 and come retain his Ozeki rank to start the year. But, this being sumo, he’ll likely be back by Monday.

We now have no Yokozuna and two Ozeki. As things stand, we’re looking at Goeido/Takayasu showdown on the final day. Woo. This basho is melting…melting…


Update: Tochinoshin’s medical certificate is for “Damage to the collateral ligament of the MTP joint of the great toe. Requires about 1 month of rest and may require further treatment”. (Source: Nikkan Sports – Herouth)