Former Ozeki Takayasu Withdraws From Mock Natsu Basho

Following his day 13 re-injury to his knee, former Ozeki Takaysu has withdrawn from the mock Natsu basho. Luckily he had already reached his 8th win, and is kachi-koshi. But given the nature of the injury, there is a worry on his viability for the next tournament. Reason for kyujo is listed as inflammation of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), 3 weeks rest.

His day 14 opponent, Onosho, will receive the forfeit win, which will make him kachi-koshi for the mock Natsu basho.

We hope that Takayasu can recover and return healthy for the next tournament.

Yokozuna Kakuryu Withdraws From Mock Natsu Basho

Yokozuna Kakuryu as withdrawn from the mock Natsu basho prior to day 13 competition. He had two back to back losses, and 4 losses overall prior to his kyujo noticed received this morning in Tokyo. Cause of injury is listed as muscle strain to lower back, and he is proscribed 2 weeks rest. His day 13 opponent, Hokutofuji, will be awarded a default win, giving him his kachi-koshi.

Although he was able to reach his 8th win before existing the tournament, I am certain that calls for him to consider retirement will once again swell from the sumo press.

We wish Kakuryu a speedy recovery and a strong return in the next tournament.

Ozeki Takakeisho Withdraws From Mock Natsu Basho

Word from the mock Natsu basho that Ozeki Takakeisho has withdrawn from the competition prior to day 11, citing re-injury to his left pectoral muscles. Guidance from the physician is listed as 3 weeks rest. As Takakeisho was kadoban going into this mock basho, he will be a Sekiwake at the next tournament, and has a single chance to return to the Ozeki rank by scoring 10 wins.

His day 11 opponent, Shodai, will receive a forfeit win, improving him to 5-5 and keeping a kachi-koshi within reach.

Demotion to Sekiwake happened before (September 2019), after Takakeisho’s first basho as an Ozeki saw him injury himself and sit out the following tournament. He returned to score 12 wins and claim the jun-yusho. We hope he can make a similar recovery this time.

Mock Natsu Basho – Terunofuji Kyujo

Word from Tokyo this morning that former Ozeki Terunofuji has withdrawn from the mock basho. He was winless going into day 7, and clearly hurt. The kyujo certificate cites damage to the anterior cruciate ligament, which is a very worrisome injury for a man with bad knees.

We hope he heals up soon, and completely, and can make his re-return to the top division.

His withdrawal from the top division creates an imbalance in the banzuke, so we will see visitors from Juryo daily to fill the empty banzuke slot.