Banzuke Notes

Now that we’ve had a day to digest the May banzuke, I wanted to note a few things. I also couldn’t resist an opportunity to throw together a visualization. I’ve used the Kyokai’s data from to color-code the banzuke by Height, Weight, and BMI. With Ikioi sadly relegated to the depths of Makushita, Kaisei is the ranking giant on the Makuuchi list.

Now, on the the ranking list itself. It is our first without Kakuryu in a Yokozuna slot in seven years and Hakuho is alone, again, for the first time since 2012. We discussed this at a bit more length in our podcast but, in sum, part of me is glad that the chronic kyujo drama is finally over and I look forward to him setting up his own stable…while we wait on pins and needles for the other shoe to drop.

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March Banzuke Published

Minutes ago, the Haru banzuke was published on the Japan Sumo Association web site –

Notable tidbits:

  • Kadoban Ozeki Takakeisho is Ozeki 2 East. He has to get 8 wins to retain his rank. There is some well founded concern about his physical condition as he did not participate in the joint training session
  • Terunofuji is Sekiwake 1 East – He is looking for 11 wins to regain the Ozeki rank he lost more than 2 years ago due to accumulated injury and illness.
  • Hatsu yusho winner Daieisho is ranked Komusubi 1 West. Many people had expected that he would be ranked Sekeiwake in March.
  • Onosho is ranked Maegashira 1, his highest since November 2017, following a 9-6 finish in January.
  • Wakatakakage retains Maegashira 2 following being kyujo in January due to COVID in his heya

I expect that lksumo will have his post banzuke analysis later for us to enjoy.

Aki Banzuke Weekend

Its Aki banzuke weekend, and the excitement is ramping up at Tachiai! So many interesting topics came out of July’s tournament in Tokyo, and frankly I can’t wait for Sunday afternoon US time for the new ranks to be announced. Tachiai will be following it all, and yes dear followers, this time there will be podcasts to discuss.

Sum is back, and it looks like so am I! If you want top flight forecasting on how the ranks will turn out, our very own lksumo has you covered with the top division, and Juryo ranks.

So put a bottle of fine sake in the fridge, stock up on the rice crackers and buckle up as we count the days to the start of Aki.