Banzuke Sunday!

Can you feel it? That hint of sumo in the air?

It’s Banzuke Sunday, and the team at Tachiai is milling about, trying to be useful while constantly refreshing the Sumo Kyokai’s banzuke web page. We expect it to be posted in about 6 hours, but that does not prevent us from hitting “reload” every so often.

If you are eagerly awaiting the answer to the banzuke mysteries like we are, why not start by reading lksumo’s forecast?

Check back this afternoon US time for the details. Look for our banzuke podcast on Monday!

Aki Banzuke Is Live!

The Japan Sumo Association has published the banzuke for the upcoming Aki basho, starting September 8th, in Tokyo.

Find it at : Banzuke – Aki Basho 2019

Some notable facts:

  • 2 Sekiwake, 2 Komusubi, Hokutofuji hardest hit.
  • Hokutofuji and Aoiyama share Maegashira 1. One of these two will probably bludgeon their way into San’yaku next time.
  • Tomokaze makes it to Maegashira 3, we may get a Kakuryu rematch.
  • Enho levitates to Maegashira 11 – Ishiura back in the top division at Maegashira 15 (Hakuho gets his all-deshi dohyo-iri crew)
  • Juryo scratch-n-dent bin: Yoshikaze down to Juryo 7, Ikioi at Juryo 12, Yago at Juryo 4, Kaisei at Juryo 8. Maybe enough parts there for 1 awesome Ozeki if some surgeon can convince them.
  • Arawashi falls out of the salaried ranks to Makushita 1 – the Makushita joi-jin looks like a mosh pit yet again
  • Hoshoryu at Ms5, Naya at Ms10, Terunofuji at Ms27, Roga at Ms43
  • Wakaichiro at Sandanme 67, adding to the Musashigawa Sandanme log-jam. Amakaze up to Sandanme 27 and ready to eat anything on camera.
  • Hattorizakura anchors the banzuke at Jonokuchi 34e

I am sure lksumo will have his reaction (vs his always thoughtful predictions) later today. The Aki basho is just two weeks away!

Upcoming Sumo Calendar

With banzuke weekend upon us, all of team Tachiai are eagerly awaiting the September ranking sheet, and to see how close lksumo came to hitting the bull’s eye on one of the more difficult to predict transitions in a while.

But while we wait with eager glee to see how many Komusubi and Sekiwake there are for Aki, let’s look forward to the next month or so of glorious sumo action. Here’s the plan


  • August 26th – Aki Banzuke (afternoon August 25th for us lucky Yanks)
  • August 31st – YDC Soken – Many of the top ranked rikishi will practice and compete in front of YDC committee members and some media luminaries


  • September 6th – Day 1 Torkiumi drawn up
  • September 7th – Dohyo Matsuri and yusho portrait unveiling
  • September 8th – Aki basho day 1
  • September 22nd – Aki basho day 15
  • September 25th – Banuzke committee meets to draw up the Kyushu banzuke
  • September 29th – Kisenosato’s retirement ceremony (Kokugikan)
  • September 30th – Meiji shrine ceremonies / dohyo-iri