Ura update

Ura leaving the dohoyo leaning on a sewanin after re-injuring his knee

Although the world of sumo usually keeps silent about injuries and the decisions behind them, leaving us fans to speculate, in Ura’s case, the fans are lucky, as there is an oyakata who keeps us relatively informed on the tragic ex-actrobat wrestler.

Inagawa oyakata is a member of Ura’s heya, and he tweets updates about him from time to time. The first tweet appeared on January 23rd:

Good morning. This will become known anyway, so I decided to just come out and tell.

The result of Ura’s medical examination this time is the same as his previous injury – a torn anterior cruciate ligament.

Once he settles down, I will talk to him and try to inform you if there is anything to report

This was rather ominous. But today, during the various heya’s senshuraku parties, Inagawa oyakata came up with a new tweet:

Thank goodness… As it is something only the man himself can decide through his worries, all I can do is support him. But when we met, he immediately said “I’m having surgery, and work on my comeback once again”. I’m very happy. Everybody, we’ll be grateful for your continued support!

And I’m very grateful to Inagawa oyakata for these tweets. So the bottom line is: No intai at the moment, but also do not expect to see Ura in the upper divisions any time soon. Better luck this time!

Hakuho goes Kyujo

Shortly after the beginning of Day 14 at the Kokugikan, it has been announced that Yokozuna Hakuho will be absent as of this day. The official reason has not been published at this time, but Sponichi reports that the right knee, on which he had the operation, may be the culprit.

This will likely leave the Yokozuna’s score at 10-4-1 (except in the unlikely event he returns on senshuraku), with the Yusho to be determined, in all likelihood, between Tamawashi and Takakeisho.

Going kyujo may have further implications, as kyujo rikishi may not participate in public events, and the Hakuho Cup is due early next month.

Tachiai will keep you informed on the situation as it develops.

Takekaze decides to retire

Meet Oshiogawa oyakata

39 years old veteran Takekaze, after having finalized his make-koshi on day 9, was faced with a drop to Makushita (which would have been all but certain with a 9th loss).

Yesterday he said “I didn’t get here alone so I cannot make the decision alone”, but apparently he consulted with the powers that be, and came to the decision to retire.

Takekaze joined sumo in Natsu 2002 as a Makushita tsukedashi. He made his debut in Makuuchi in Haru 2003 and had no less that 590 wins there.

Takekaze owns a kabu, and will remain in the NSK as Oshiogawa oyakata.

It is not clear as yet whether he will retire immediately or at the end of the basho.

Source: Sports Hochi