New COVID-19 case and an update on Minato oyakata

The NSK officially informs us that a new COVID-19 case has turned up at Tatsunami beya, bringing the total number of infected in that heya to 11. The rikishi is not a sekitori and therefore his name was not disclosed. He tested negative in the first round of close contact testing, but on the 18th he came up with a runny nose and other light symptoms, and got re-tested, and this time he was positive.

Since the first test, he has not gone out nor has he mixed with the other rikishi still in the heya, so there are no close contacts to test at this time. He will be sent to a hotel, according to the instructions of the local health authority.

Elsewhere, Minato oyakata, who has been confirmed positive on the 15th, his been admitted to hospital on December 17th, says Shibatayama oyakata, who serves as the NSK’s spokesperson.

We wish both the unnamed rikishi and Minato oyakata a quick and full recovery.

Minato oyakata positive for COVID-19

According to this statement from the NSK, Minato oyakata (Ichinojo’s shisho) felt unwell on December 14th, and took a PCR test, which confirmed that he has contracted COVID-19.

According to his contact tracing, he has not been in the practice grounds with his rikishi for the previous 3 days, and therefore they are not considered “close contacts” and not eligible for official testing. However, the NSK had them all tested privately as an extra measure, and the results will be known later today. We will keep you updated.

Minato himself will be admitted to a medical facility or a hotel according to the local health authority’s instructions.

Minato oyakata is 52 years old. We wish him full and speedy recovery, and we will keep you updated on the results of the heya members’ tests if in when those are made public.

COVID-19 outbreak in Tatsunami beya

Yesterday I reported about three new cases of COVID-19 in an undisclosed heya.

Today, results came in of the tests of 17 heya contacts of those three. And 7 of them tested positive. So the number of infected rikishi has increased to 10, including Akua. So now we know the cluster outbreak is at Tatsunami beya.

Of the three rikishi who tested positive yesterday, one is hospitalized, and the other two are isolating at a designated hotel. The additional 7 have mild or no symptoms, and will also be isolating at hotels.

We will keep updating as news come in, and again we wish everybody a speedy recovery.

Three new cases of COVID-19 in Grand Sumo

The NSK announced today that three new cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed. The three rikishi are ranked below sekitori, and therefore their names and the heya to which they belong have not been disclosed.

The three complained yesterday of fever and cough, and have therefore been given a test, which came back positive. They have been hospitalized as required by local protocol, and their close contacts are being tested. In addition, the NSK will give PCR tests to heya relations who don’t fall under the official “direct contact” definition.

We wish all involved a speedy recovery and no lasting complications.