Makushita Quaterfinals

Please see the first post in this series on the mechanics of the Makushita yusho race. After 8 days and 4 rounds of bouts, we are left with 7 undefeated rikishi. They are matched up in rank order on Day 9, with the lowest-ranked of the 7 taking on the highest-ranked undefeated Sandanme wrestler, and the results of those bouts will determine our semifinalists. Without further ado, here’s the 4-0 bracket:

  • Ms1e Hakuyozan vs. Ms11e Kitaharima
  • Ms21e Narutaki vs. Ms25w Kotokenryu
  • Ms42w Satorufuji vs. Ms36w Chiyonoo
  • Ms57e Daikisho vs. Sd1e Asonoyama

Since making his sekitori debut in 2018, Hakuyozan has bounced back and forth between Juryo and Makushita, and has already done enough to earn immediate re-promotion. Kitaharima, who took the Aki Makushita yusho, is looking to secure the automatic promotion that comes with a 7-0 record from the Ms1-Ms15 ranks, which would tie the record for most career sekitori promotions with 9. Kotokenryu is a 19-year-old Mongolian prospect from Sadogatake beya who is fighting at his highest career rank. The latest Isegahama prospect, 19-year-old Ms42w Satorufuji, whose career record stands at 27-5, is matched up with Kokonoe veteran Chiyonoo, who’s made a couple of brief Makuuchi appearances in his career. I don’t have anything especially notable to say about the other quarterfinalists. Come back tomorrow to see how this played out.

There was little action in the Ms1-Ms5 promotion zone, so check out yesterday’s post for where things stand. Tomorrow’s action should go some way toward sorting out who’ll be getting a salary in January.


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