11 thoughts on “Nozeki

  1. Hmmm…With all the Ozeki K’s…If Terunofuji doesn’t go the distance, its going to leave the top of the mountain precariously flat…

    • Nattosumo7 is the current channel but incase that is a no go make sure to follow natto on discord and twitter. His discord server is super useful, he provides alternate links for that basho incase youtube doesn’t work out. Natto truly the hero of the sumo community.

  2. Best comment I’ve seen so far:

    Did this mean we go back to calling him Kiribayama?

    • Might be wrong but…, is this the first Jason sumo post on the blog? Should this be the case… hail to the king! Otherwise sorry…. Been away for a while

  3. Just when you think the ozeki issue is solved…a double kadoban in September. Sigh.

    Fingers crossed we can get at least one promotion out of this basho.


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