BuySumoTickets Contest Update

Nakabi has come and gone and the drama builds as we enter the home stretch. Asanoyama secured his kachi-koshi last night, the only sekitori who remains undefeated into Week 2. So it’s time to take a look at the guesses from our BuySumoTickets contest entries and see how well they’re fairing.

His success in the second division is no surprise to our readers, or to our contest entrants. Of the eighteen entries, none provided guesses of a make-koshi record. In fact, all entries expected at least an “Ozeki kachi-koshi.” I have a feeling that this contest will come down to the tie-breaker, and possibly a hat-draw.

Some may be rethinking their decisions not to go with a zensho, seeing the ferocious way he’s been able to defeat those at the bottom division. But that first week was his easy week and his competition will only get more challenging. He’s had his hands full at points with several young up-and-comers but has yet to face any wrestlers with Makuuchi experience. Tomorrow, he will face yet another highly-touted youngster in Kitanowaka but at Juryo 8, it’s obvious the schedulers are planning to turn up the heat. If he keeps winning, I am sure he will have to go through Chiyonokuni and Enho, as well as Kinbozan. The crowd might still get this one right.


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