Juryo Promotions Announced

As expected, former Ozeki Asanoyama will return to the salaried ranks in January. He’ll be joined by Ms1w Shonannoumi (5-2), who will make his sekitori debut. Yutakayama’s sudden retirement opened up one more slot, and the lucky beneficiary is former Juryo regular Ms5w Hakuyozan (5-2), who was expected to miss out after losing his Day 15 exchange bout to Kaisho. No one else in the Makushita promotion zone managed a winning record. I expect only one demotion—Tokushoryu—with the other two spots vacated by Yutakayama and Chiyotairyu.

7 thoughts on “Juryo Promotions Announced

    • If he were to duplicate what Terunofuji did, which was obviously exceptional, he’d be Ozeki in March 2024. I’m hoping someone (Waka? Hoshoryu? Takayasu? Kiribayama? Kotonowaka?) puts together a run before then; we certainly need Ozeki. Who knows, maybe Shodai even gets 10 in January.

      • If no one makes it to Ozeki before him, then sumo’s got even bigger problems than we thought at the top end of the banzuke

      • I want to point out something. Asanoyama was promoted with 32 wins.. not 33. This on top of winning a Yusho at the time you’d think be enough but really… the big factor was At the time of his promotion, there was only 1 Ozeki. Takakeisho. You had 2 Yokozuna, but they were both obviously on the verge of Retirement and sure enough, both did. Asanoyama hit a perfect storm of being promoted with a good performance, and the fact without him there would of been only 1 Ozeki ( at the time Shodai was not on his run )

        Now given Asanoyama failed to do what Abi did Twice and Ryuden did once. I wouldn’t exactly be looking at him to come storming back to Ozeki right now.

        • I agree his Makushita performances haven’t been screaming “Ozeki.” The counterargument is that it’s tricky to go 7-0 and not slip up in a sport where one wrong move is a loss. Potentially, fighting 15 days, it could translate into records like 12-3 or 13-2 that could move him up quickly. Of course, he’ll be fighting much tougher opponents. January should tell us a lot about his real form.

        • I agree, but also agree with lksumo’s caveats that it is possible to be a little too harsh. I don’t think he’ll be back at the earliest possible opportunity in March 2024. But also I think it’s tough to put too much stock in 6-1s vs 7-0s at that level, simply because he also had a much much longer layoff than Abi or Ryuden (twice as long), and also was probably impacted mentally – not only by his own scandal but also the one that claimed Asashio, to whom he seemed very devoted – in a different way that surely influenced his training and fitness during the layoff period.

          • I have to imagine the death of his father during this period also played a substantial role in his training and mindset.


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