Makushita Day 11: The Return of Asanoyama

Well, we needn’t have feared—former Ozeki Asanoyama, ranked Ms4e, easily defeated Ms10w Kamito to improve his record to 6-1 and stamp his return to the salaried ranks. He was helped by a combination of other results, notably a loss by Ms1e Shiden, which dropped him to 3-4 and out of the promotion picture. Ms1w Shonannoumi won and improved to 5-2, so he will certainly make his sekitori debut, but no other promotion contenders can now leapfrog Asanoyama.

One slot in Juryo is open due to Chiyotairyu’s retirement. J14e Tsushimanada (5-8) now has a demotable record, as does J12e Tokushoryu (4-9), so there will be room for both Shonannoumi and Asanoyama. J10w Kaisho (4-9), J13e Shimazuumi (6-7), and J14w Gonoyama (7-6) are not out of the woods yet, and the most endangered ones after tomorrow should face Ms2w Fujiseiun (3-3) and Ms5w Hakuyozan (5-1) in exchange bouts. The other promotion contender, Ms3e Tokihayate (3-3), must beat Tochikamiyama tomorrow and hope for a favorable combination of other results to have any shot at Juryo.

Oh, by the way, Ms23e Tamashoho is the Makushita champion after defeating Ms41w Mineyaiba. After this result, Tamawashi’s brother-in-law and attendant will move up into the promotion zone and have a shot at earning a Juryo debut at Hatsu.

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