Makushita Elite Eight

Please see yesterday’s post for background on the Makushita yusho and promotion races. Key bouts in the lower divisions are usually scheduled on odd-numbered days, and so with Day 7 in the books, we can update most of the picture.

I expect the undefeated 4-0 bracket to play out on Day 9 as follows:

Former Ozeki Asanoyama (Ms4e) will face Ms1w Shonannoumi, who may have already done enough for a Juryo debut but will want another win to make certain.

Ms15w Tanabe, who is ranked just high enough to nab a promotion by going undefeated, will take on Ms23e Tamashoho, whose main claim to fame is being Tamawashi’s brother-in-law.

And we’ll have teenager Ms26e Setonoumi fight Ms41w Mineyaiba.

The final bout is not quite set. It will feature yet another Chiyo, Ms49w Chiyonokatsu, against either comeback kid Ms54e Oshoumi, the September Sandanme champion, or Ms60e Omoto. Those two fight tomorrow for the last spot in the final 8.

Checking in on the Ms1-Ms5 promotion zone, Ms4w Asanowaka (0-4) has been eliminated. In addition to the aforementioned Shonannoumi and Asanoyama, the best promotion shot belongs to Ms2w Fujiseiun (3-1). Top-ranked Ms1e Shiden (2-2) lost to Fujiseiun today and will need to take two of his final 3 bouts to make it to Juryo. His first try will come tomorrow in a crossover bout against J14e Tsushimanada (3-4), who is himself in a precarious position in his Juryo debut. Everyone else in upper Makushita likely needs to win out and hope for favorable results elsewhere to have any shot at being a sekitori in January.

The next update should come after Day 9 bouts are completed.

3 thoughts on “Makushita Elite Eight

  1. Tamashoho and Mineyaiba are for me the most intriguing names

    Tamashoho’s career trajectory has been crazy, no fewer than four heya across two ichimon. He started at Kasugayama and moved to Oitekaze when that stable was wound up, and then followed Nakagawa into his new heya (who had himself belonged to Oshima beya at then Tatsunami ichimon and switched to join Oitekaze beya and followed Oitekaze over to Tokitsukaze ichimon), but then when Nakagawa’s rikishi were all split up in the scandal, he didn’t follow Nakagawa over to Tokitsukaze beya but instead jumped across ichimon to join up with his quasi-relation at Kataonami. And that made half of Kataonami beya Mongolian (2 of 4, lolz), although I think Tamawashi has since taken up Japanese citizenship?

    Mineyaiba (moto-Ito, a name his brother now uses although he doesn’t seem like he’ll be anything like the prospect that Mineyaiba is/was) should have been the next great hope for Shikoroyama beya for some years now, physically it seems like he should have developed a bit more than he has. Terao has had a few rikishi that should have added to Abi as a sekitori product (like Oki who’s never recovered from his only basho at 0-15 in Juryo, or Irodori who’s since retired having also been totally overmatched at second division level and couldn’t get back due to his injuries). Mineyaiba still very much has time on his side though, so would be good to see him get 6 or 7 this time and really push his credentials again, especially with Shikoroyama entering his final act as a shisho with 5 years to go.


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