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I’m sorry I’m late with the kensho dashboard update. I’ve been working on another one, having to do with the banzuke, and I forgot to publish my kensho update. It’s great to see Terunofuji’s senshuraku bouts regularly surpassing the highwater mark set in the first month of Herouth’s data collection. That month, Takakeisho took on Asanoyama in a bout that had 44 kensho envelopes, which Takakeisho won. Takakeisho walked away with almost 60 this past month when he sealed Ichinojo’s yusho by beating Terunofuji.

Overall this tournament was a bit thriftier than the others this year. That doesn’t seem to be unusual with a lot more hype and excitement around the first tournament of the year back in Tokyo and noticeably less in Nagoya. 1466 bounties were pledged this July, though I bet it would have been quite a bit higher if Mitakeumi and Endo had been able to stay the entire tournament, though I figure a lot of the envelopes were just shuffled around to other bouts, later in the tournament. It may have actually helped Takakeisho walk away with that huge stack on senshuraku.

Over this past two years, Terutsuyoshi claims the top spot with the most bouts with bounties pledged (180), followed by Kiribayama and Hoshoryu (178). This has more to do with staying healthy though. Other top wrestlers have missed more days kyujo. Terunofuji has clearly taken the most cash, though, with almost 2400 envelopes won. That’s 143,820,000 yen or a little over $1 Million in sponsorship money. I think I did the math correctly this time. 600,000 yen x 2397 bounties. A half million dollars in cash with most of the rest going to retirement after the Kyokai takes its cut.

Ichinojo made it into the Top 5 Kensho Winners with this yusho, after Terunofuji, Takakeisho, Shodai, and Abi. He’s been claiming much more kensho lately, and there’s been more sponsorship of his bouts, so I’m hopeful that the increase in ice cream funds spurs him on to the next level. It’s good to see Shodai back near the top. He had won three fewer envelopes in May than Wakamotoharu. Mitakeumi had still managed to be fourth. Here’s hoping Shodai sees the benefits to warming up before bouts!

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated — positive or negative — so long as it’s not personal. I already know I smell and have been wearing the same pajamas for three weeks. I get to work from home now.

10 thoughts on “Kensho Dashboard Update

  1. Nice work. Althought it’s always a bit hard for that dumb brain of mine to fully understand them. ^_^’
    (Not your fault at all ! It’s entirely on me.)

    Anyway, i could notice that Endo was still referenced in those chart for amount of Kensho winning comparison and ect….

    But i was wondering….is he (Endo) still a thing in that regard ?!?!?

    I mean….. I feel like his “special snowflake promising newcomer star” has long been extinguished.
    Sure he’s been able to stay more or less in the top maegashira up to now but….

    I feel like it’s been years since he’s been in any contention for a cup in a basho. That he’s never been “the talk” for any promising san’yaku promotion or hype or…well anything.
    Feel like his road is just going to be another “Okinomi”. A long solide but very monotonous main-stay makuuchi carrer. With the occasional perk of being sometime a “Big San’yaku slayers”, but never making it to the next step of the ladder with the big guns.

    So i wonder….is he still raking that much kensho envelope nowaday like he used to be years ago ????
    If so, i wonder how so and why ?
    I believe it’s surely not due to his out of the ordinary performance. In that regard, i feel that we have currently a lot of other younger tadpole currently in the San’yaku/M1-3 that is doing much better work on that.
    Is it still just due to his “good look” ? Then again, why do i feel like there would be other rikishi then like Tobizaru or Wakatakakage who could also sway the heart of any young japanese girl. ^_^

    Aaaah….such a mystery.

    • He’s still raking it in but I don’t think it’s as much as it used to be. But it’s certainly more than what a lot of his opponents see on a regular basis.

      • Oh!? I didn’t know that. I’m a bit surprise. Thank you for the reply. And for all the work you are doing with those chart. They are always interesting to look at.

        • Thank you!

          Yeah, I think Nagatanien is Endo’s biggest sponsor. They make spices for ramen and stuff. I think they usually use the banners to advertise about three different flavors. That patented Shibaraku face is pretty iconic. I’ll highlight pics of the banners at Aki.

          I had not seen Baby Star with Ichinojo as much but I wonder if we might see more for him in September. He’s still not at Endo’s level on his own. Endo’s been consistently among the top 5 if he’s not kyujo.

    • This gave me an idea. I wonder if people would be interested in a Twitter Space about the Dashboard. That way I can answer questions about how to use it, and we can also think of other good ideas for visualizations. There are about a dozen more visuals that I already have which don’t make it into this viz, partly because I think these are the most straight-forward, while I build others to answer my own questions but don’t typically share them because they’re too rough.

      The thing is, I know a lot of people aren’t on Twitter, so I may try to figure out something else.

        • I did set one up. I have not used it much but that’s a good idea. I haven’t leveraged that as much as I should.

          • you might consider approaching one of the existing sumo discords (I believe there’s one linked on the r/sumo sidebar) and seeing about just getting a channel in there specifically for stuff. less work on your end and (imo) consolidation of discussion places is good in communities as niche as ours

  2. 143,820,000 yen divided by 2397 is 60,000 yen per envelope, not 60,000 yen. Still a heathy sum all considering


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