New Juryo for Aki

The banzuke meeting was held today, and the promotions to Juryo from Makushita have been announced. As expected, Ms1w Kinbozan (6-1) and Ms2w Kanno (5-2) will make their sekitori debuts in September, while Ms1e Takakento (4-3) will return after a one-basho absence; he’s been bouncing back and forth between the second and third divisions since making his first Juryo appearance in March 2021.

The corresponding demotions are not announced, but we can infer that they are the absent J10w Ishiura, J12w Yago (4-11), and J11e Kaisei (5-10). The fact that there are only 3 exchanges strongly suggests that J10e Shimazuumi (5-3*) and J13e Oshoma (5-3*), who both pulled out on Day 9 due to COVID, are at the very least not being treated as though their absences were losses, as is normally the case for absences due to injury. This gives us a small hint as to how the rest of the COVID-related withdrawals may be treated.

8 thoughts on “New Juryo for Aki

  1. I’m absolutely disappointed looking at the history of Tomokaze: I know that this time his missed promotion to Juryo is not so questionable BUT:
    November 2011: He was a rising star (1 makekoshi after 14 tournaments) having a terrible accident during a bout where the rescue was very poor.
    He came back as Sandanme in March 2021. After that the climbing up was, by my opinion, not so smooth.
    Step forward were granted with certain “sparingness”. I’m sure that also not fighting all the days influences his performances. Now I hope at least granting him Makushita 1 for the next tournament looking forward to see him in the “remunerated area” after 3 YEARS!!!

    • I was a big fan when he got injured, and have been following his return. His banzuke movement has been exactly what you’d expect given his ranks and performances, and maybe a little favorable on occasion. What has held him back, compared to the likes of Terunofuji, Abi, and Ryuden, is that he put up 6-1 and 5-2 records in the lower divisions, which don’t lead to huge jumps up the banzuke that 7-0 records do. Plus, he had that MK at Ms8 in March. I think it’s because he’s still not 100%, but he is improving, and like you, I hope to see him back in the sekitori ranks very soon.

  2. The fall of Yago is sad to watch. Really thought he could become a solid makuuchi rikishi in his first stint at the top division, but his injuries must be worse than I anticipated. Tomokaze would be fighting in the joi right now if he didn’t get injured.

  3. Surprised to see no comments about Kaisei and Ishiura dropping out of the salaried ranks. Kaisei was a fixture in the top division most of the past decade. Ishiura’s fall because of injury is particularly sad, because it happened when he was at his highest rank, M5. and seemed to have mastered small-man sumo better than anyone. I’ll miss them both.


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