Nagoya Demotion Watch, Day 11

With four days to go, it’s time for a look at the promotion/demotion picture. For the purposes of this discussion, I will leave out the COVID-kyujo rikishi until the NSK gives us more of an idea of how they’ll handle that mess.


O1e Takakeisho (8-3) is kachi-koshi. O2w Shodai (7-4) needs one more win to clear kadoban. O1w Mitakeumi’s fate is unknown.

Lower San’yaku

S1e Wakatakakage (6-5) needs one more win to stay in the named ranks, two to remain Sekiwake, and four to keep any Ozeki conversation going. S1w Daieisho (6-5) is in the same boat. K1e Hoshoryu (6-5) needs two wins to stay in san’yaku and possibly move higher should one of the Sekiwake falter. K1w Abi (5-6) needs to win 3 of 4 to hold rank. The obvious promotion candidate, should a slot open, is M2w Ichinojo (9-2).

Juryo Danger

M16w Daiamami (2 wins) and M17w Chiyomaru (3 wins) will be making an immediate return to the second division unless they win out and get some remarkable banzuke luck. Hapless newlywed M9e Shimanoumi (1-10) needs 3 more wins for safety, and M16e Yutakayma (5-6) needs 2. There may be some lucky survivors, however, as Juryo leader J1e Ryuden (9-2) is the only one with a strong promotion case at the moment. I’ve discussed the Juryo/Makushita exchange picture elsewhere.


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