Nagoya 2022: Jonokuchi Match Day 4

Tonight, the Kyokai scheduled the likely yusho bout on Day 4 between Toshunryu and Takahashi and that bout leads our video, below. While Toshunryu has shown his own skill in the first three bouts his size disadvantage with Takahashi is apparent. He gives up 10 cm and almost 50 kg. Takahashi made the most of it, locking in on his opponent’s mawashi and then wrenching him violently across the ring. Toshunryu resisted at the edge but Takahashi just dragged him to the other side and forced him out.

That might have handed Takahashi the title but we do have one more pair of undefeated wrestlers. Our next fight is Takataisho versus Dairinzan. This was not the strongest tachiai from Takataisho, and he almost let Dairinzan just usher him back to the tawara. But once his feet made purchase, he flipped the script, spinning Dairinzan around and shoving him, forcefully, clear of the dohyo. Takataisho earned his kachi-koshi and will face the taller Takahashi.

Kazuto remains one win back of the leaders with his win against Wakaonehara. He overpowered the Nishiiwa-beya youngster, tossing him into the shimpan below. Suyama faced a bit more competition in Toramusashi but prevailed. Both Kazuto and Suyama are in the hunt if the winner of Takataisho/Takahashi falters in the closing days.

Last, I have a bout from Jonidan, featuring undefeated Kazekeno and Ishii. You may remember Kazekeno from his yusho win last tournament. And Ishii was a touted recruit at Miyagino-beya and is a talented wrestler but injury issues have plagued his young career. Nevertheless, he has been ranked in Sandanme and is a serious challenger for the Jonidan title in his own right. At the tachiai, Kazekeno pressed forward strongly into Ishii but a Ishii slipped his grasp and then executed a beautiful throw.

3 thoughts on “Nagoya 2022: Jonokuchi Match Day 4

  1. Sorry for Toshunryu it WAS looking like a Yusho Playoff for him – darn it! Then there is Ishii – what a beautiful throw Wow!!!

    Thanks for posting Andy!

    • I didn’t notice the size difference between the two until they climbed the dohyo. Toshunryu is only 174 cm?

      • Yes – same here – I didn’t think anything of it until I saw it too! I hope he’s going to grow a little bit more – but not likely! I will always be a fan though!


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