Nagoya 2022: Jonokuchi Match Day 3

Before we get started with Day 3, we’ve got one hold-over bout to cover from Day 2. The first bout on the video is Wakaonehara, with one loss, against Ikazuchido. Ikazuchido fought a rather spirited bout but lost via cartwheel-nage. That dropped him out of the leadership group but his win today (not on the video) keeps him in the hunt for now.

Very quickly the leadership group in Jonokuchi has been narrowed to four. The second bout in the video features Toramusashi vs Takahashi. Takahashi dominated, easily forcing his opponent out. Similarly, Toshunryu’s strength intimidated Detachi so much, Detachi virtually turned and ran away.

I think the yusho will come down to a Toshunryu/Takahashi showdown. However, there are also a couple of experienced wrestlers who can play spoiler or make a dark horse run themselves. Takataisho got Jokoki sideways and powered him over the edge to remain undefeated. And lastly, Dairinzan is no slouch, spinning Wakayamanaka out into the front-row cushions.

Up in Sandanme, Kototebakari suffered the first loss of his career against Itadaki. He had claimed the Jonidan title in May and the Jonokuchi yusho in his March debut. Being forced out of the race so early this tournament is quite the surprise.

One thought on “Nagoya 2022: Jonokuchi Match Day 3

  1. Too bad for Kototebaraki. I was hoping Kotoshoho’s little brother was going to continue his unbeaten Yusho streak!

    Thanks for posting Andy!


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