Nagoya 2022: Jonokuchi Match Day 2

I’ve got a quick three bouts for us today from Jonokuchi. We’re technically not finished with all Match Day 2 bouts because Ikazuchido has yet to fight and may be on tap for tomorrow. But to stay on schedule, I’ll post these and if that bout warrants, I’ll post an update. Anyway, yesterday they had most of the Day 1 loser bracket fight. Kazuto and Oyamada are solid rikishi, though. So despite their Day 1 losses, they put together a great effort today. It’s not often that we see a successful sotogake (outside leg trip) in the bottom division.

Next up, we have Suyama versus Toshunryu. I promise today’s the last time I’ll mention that Suyama’s from Tokyo University. Toshunryu superman blasted him clear from the dohyo, cementing his position as favorite in this yusho race. Then lastly I have Takahashi, obliterating Wakaonehara. You could say he Waka-owned-a-hara. Sorry folks, the jokes don’t get any better today. I figure these two will face each other on Day 6 or Day 7 as the yusho race really heats up.

The yusho winner from last tournament is starting out hot up in Jonidan. He’s actually ranked lower on the banzuke than the other three men from the playoff because that result doesn’t count to the banzuke placement. So all men had similar 6-1 records but Kazekeno had started from the lower rank last tournament. Kazekeno could have blown Matsugashima from the dohyo with a strong wind, given that little resistance. All he’d need to prepare for their next bout is a good bowl of chilli, heavy on the beans.

Arise, Yamato, and Tanji have also started out 2-0. Tanji’s bout with Fukuminato is below, while Arise defeated Kotomyozan and Yamato forced down Satsumao.


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