Opening Bouts Posted; Takayasu and Ishiura Out of Nagoya

The torikumi (schedule of bouts) for Days 1 and 2 has been posted. Of course, readers of this blog already knew what the key bouts were going to be. The list of absent rikishi is released at the same time. We already knew that Takayasu would be out due to positive COVID tests for him and members of his heya. Among the sekitori, the other absentee is Ishiura, who is apparently still dealing with the effects of his neck injury in March that caused him to sit out May. At his J10 rank, an absence guarantees a drop out of the salaried ranks, where he has fought for the last 7 years since his Juryo debut in March 2015. Ishiura was at his career-high rank of M5 when he got hurt; given the nature of his injury, could this be the end of his professional sumo career?

14 thoughts on “Opening Bouts Posted; Takayasu and Ishiura Out of Nagoya

  1. Sadly, that’s a big question for Ishiura. Given Ishiura’s style and his preferred angle of attack, from below, aggravating that neck injury seems to be a rather big risk. I want to be hopeful that it’s something like what football players deal with but coming back from Makushita would be difficult.

    Lower down the banzuke, Setonoumi is coming back from a neck injury and has risen into Sandanme after outclassing the folks in Jonokuchi and claiming the yusho. He may even face Asanoyama during this tournament. But I don’t see Ishiura going down that far and coming back.

  2. I have faith in Ishiura’s skill and creativity, especially against Makushita opposition. He’s also still got a good 5-plus years left… if he can remain healthy. He also is not going to stay in the Sumo Association when his pro career is over, as he’s said he wants to take over from his father’s coaching job. I can’t imagine he wants to leave the salaried ranks, but I also can’t see him retiring when his post-pro job is not ready for him yet.

  3. I know this is not the place to talk about that, politic and the tradition of sumo don’t blend together, so i try to keep it to a symbolic minimum…

    But i feel this Basho’s Prime Minister Cup will have a tiny bit more sentimental feeling. While Japan is mourning the terrible and tragic event that happened today. I just hope that there will be a little word and thought for the dear Abe in the Sumo chairman’s Basho openning speech. A guy who symbolically handed so many Prime Minister cup during all my fan life time of sumo. (most of them of course, to Hakuho !)

    My thought goes to all of Japans….
    May the Yokozuna stomp really hard and really firmly the grand dohyo this basho and chase away very strongly those fouls demons to bring back the pureness of traditions in that peaceful and honorable country.

    • Thank you Checkit for bringing up the subject of Abe. He was Japan’s longest serving Prime Minister….he lead Japan for nearly 8 consecutive years. May his soul rest in peace, and may his family be comforted in the knowledge that he was loved and respected by so many others in the world.

    • May his memory be for a blessing. Cannot imagine that yesterday’s events won’t cast a mighty pall over this basho.

    • Thank you for your kind and warm relation
      Former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo.fell victim to a brutal attack.
      Like you I would like to express my sympathy and condolences to the Japanese people. I share their sorrow and disbelief.
      May ex Prime Minister Abe’s soul rest in peace.
      May the yokozuna’s shiko drive away all evil demons and so help Japan recover from this terrible event.

  4. In Miyagino beya, only Enho and Hokuseiho are the active sekitories.
    Looking at the form of Enho, his come back to Makushita is very difficult.
    Hokuseiho will be under pressure to reach Makushita soon.

    Are there any other rikishis in Makushita from Miyagino, who looks promising to reach Sekitori?

    • Ms21 Mukainakano is promising, as does Ms55 Raiho. Both made their debuts last year and have yet to do worse than 5-2.

      • That’s good, there will be lot of expectations from Hakuho as a coach.
        At least I have and looking forward to it.

  5. Calling Chiyomaru’s zensho before anybody else. His days of asking are all gone; his fight goes on, and on, and on. But he thinks that the fight is worth it all… so he strikes like thunderball!!

  6. well if Chiyomaru gets some great sideburns the sumo spirits are gonna award him with greatness

    • No joke, my sister and keep noticing that every time he shaves his sideburns he goes on a losing streak. Like Sampson of old, his strength is in his hair – on the sides of his face.

      Leave the sideburns alone Elvis.


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